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The Successful Swipe

Match with your soulmate, get off the apps, and into a REAL, lasting relationship

Babe, are you tired of endless swiping that goes nowhere…?

Or worse, matching with men who are flaky, who ghost, or who don’t want commitment…

You’re not alone!

I've heard SO MANY women share how hard dating feels these days. 

I'm going to give you the same real talk I give my clients...

If you keep doing the same thing, you'll keep getting the same results.

Things won't get any better until you use a strategy that actually helps you match with high quality men who want a serious relationship…

Which means you'll continue...
  • Wasting your time and energy with men who aren’t a fit
  • Feeling frustrated, burnt out, hopeless, and even ready to swear off dating
  • To be single AF (when what you want is to find your forever man)!
And you’ll still (low-key) hate dating apps…
(When what you want more than anything is to find your forever man and get to the good part already aka your dream relationship)!

I know how painful it can feel to crave love, yet not have it, and feel like time is passing you by…

Not long ago, I was exactly where you are…

There I was single and swiping in New York City…

I’d just regained enough hope to start dating again (after a series of bad dates and dating app experiences)...

I re-downloaded the major apps, made my profile, and started swiping (yet again)…

I hoped that each stroke of my thumb across my screen would bring me closer to….him! 

But instead of feeling like I was getting closer to finding my soulmate, I ended up…

Coming across profiles where the guy put ZERO effort into sharing anything meaningful about himself…

He’d either have all pics and no bio, or said “Wanna know? Just ask.”

Which left me absolutely bamboozled like: 

“Are these guys trying to find a partner? If they’re not putting any effort into their profiles, what makes me think they’d put effort into a relationship?”

Or, I’d come across profiles where men gave off a negative, ranty energy with the “If you don’t ____, swipe left.” 

Immediate red flag and turn OFF…

“If that’s the energy you bring to your profile, what energy are you gonna bring to the relationship?” I wondered.

Or I’d match with men who: 
  • Started conversations with “Hey, what’s up?” or “wyd?” (Really? Can you actually try to get to know me?)
  • Suggested our first date should be me going over to their place to “chill” (and now I feel like an object -_- )
  • Started out strong and interested in the DMs, but then totally ghosted me (Ugh! I felt so rejected and cringy inside)
  • Would set up a date, and then flake last minute (Seriously?! WTF?!)
  • Looked totally different in real life than they did in their pictures (definitely got cat-fished a few times)
  • Were nice, decent guys, but there was just no spark or any hope of a future together aka they weren’t MY person (Gahhhh! Why?!)

It was like trying to find a needle in a haystack…

And I was afraid I might be searching forever. 

I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, indifferent, and mostly hopeless…

This caused me to go back and forth between using the apps and swearing them (and dating) off altogether! 

Then after enough time, I’d re-download them, hoping that this time, I’d actually be able to match with men who were worth my time…

And meet my person!

It was this crazy hot & cold cycle…

Little did I know, I was stuck in the 
Dating App Doom Loop

After years of going in circles, wasting my time...

I thought: "There has to be a better way! (And I have to find it)!"

After countless hours of research… 

I couldn’t find an approach to using dating apps that actually felt good or worked…

All I found were:

...dating 'gurus' that told me I should play mind games or use dating “hacks” (which felt really icky!)

...or someone else’s texting scripts which promised to 'hook' men (which didn’t feel authentic)

So, I decided to create my own strategy to get myself out of the dating app doom loop for good and find my man

One that was based on the science of attraction...

But also allowed me to be my most authentic self...

And you’ll never believe what happened…

Within weeks of applying this strategy, I started matching with men who:
  • Could actually hold a conversation in the DMs 
  • Led the dynamic and asked me out on fun & creative dates
  • Were chivalrous and gentlemanly (and wanted to pay for the first date)
  • Were on the apps to find their partner and get into a serious relationship 

It felt like I found a “glitch in the matrix!”

A counterintuitive way to use dating apps to easily meet your forever man and get into a REAL, lasting relationship…

Which helps you say goodbye to the days of endless swiping that leave you burnt out and thinking “ugh, where are all the good guys?!

And hello to being at Sunday brunch with your girlfriends, beaming ear to ear like: 

“Omg girl, I gotta tell you about this guy I just matched with – he’s handsome, interesting and has his sh*t together!” 

This is EXACTLY what will happen when you use the strategy I’ve developed..

Since developing it, I’ve shared it with all of my clients…

As a result...

...Many have gone on to match with their partners

...Get into committed relationships

...Get engaged and start planning their weddings

...And delete the apps forever! 

I call this strategy: The Successful Swipe

It's specifically for the busy woman whose done waiting, and is ready to find her forever man. 

And I’ve put it together for you in a practical short course for you.

As soon as 2 hours from now, you'll know how to attract high value men, get onto great dates, and meet your soulmate match ASAP!

No more being stuck in the Dating App Doom Loop where you:
  • End up in convos with men who never reply to your message, and have you wondering if they’re ever gonna ask you on a date or if they’re interested in you
  • Feel like a zombie after endlessly swiping, only to ask “Why did I even waste my time?!”
  • Feel anxious and uncertain about whether or not there are anymore good guys out there (and if you’ll ever match with one)
And lots more:
  • Smiling from ear to ear while feeling the giddy rush of excitement, as you match with men who intrigue you and that you’d actually want to go on a date with
  • Being pursued by men who actually know how to hold a conversation, keep the spark alive, and lead a dating dynamic
  • Getting onto great dates, where you feel treated and taken care of (and where you even see potential with this guy)!

Let me show you exactly how this works...

If you want to: 
  • Stop wasting your time on endless swiping 
  • Attract high quality men who are communicative and are ready for a serious relationship 
  • Match with your forever man ASAP
You need a strategy that helps you with 3 things...

The Right Filters

This is how you vet for the right men while using the dating apps (because not every guy is the right fit for YOU)

When you don’t have a way to effectively filter men, you:
  • Match with men who waste your time and aren’t a fit for you
  • Miss out on actually matching with men who would be a fit for you
When you do have an effective way to filter for the right men, you:
  • Spend more time with men who want the same things
  • Get wayyy closer to finding your forever man

The Right Energy

This is how you catch the eye of the right kinds of men...

When you don't show up with the right energy, you: 
  • Attract the wrong kinds of men (or you attract no men at all)
  • Feel frustrated, burnt out, and bitter about dating apps and dating
When you do show up with the right energy, you: 
  • Can put in half the amount of time and effort and start to match with higher quality men
  • Feel light, hopeful, and you actually enjoy the dating process and have fun

The Right Polarity

This is how you create deeper attraction and keep the spark alive with high quality men

When you don’t strike the right polarity, you: 
  • Attract men who DON’T take the lead, but instead leave it up to you to reach out, keep the convo flowing, plan dates, and follow up
  • Repel high quality men who take the lead and who pursue you (instead of you chasing them)
When you do strike the right polarity, you: 
  • Naturally attract men who want to lead the dynamic 
  • Start matching with men who are more serious about commitment 

You learn ALL this inside The Successful Swipe Course! 

In short, fun, practical video lessons that you can breeze through in under two hours, you’ll learn: 

#1: The Compatibility Vetting Process 

This is how you create the right filters. 

Sure, it’s easy to swipe on someone who’s hot or funny, but what if you had an actual process to understand how to determine who the best guys are to swipe right on, to get into conversations with, and to date? 

How much easier would your dating life be and how much time and energy would you save if you just had a clear and easy process to only spend time on men who are the perfect fit…

So you can find your forever man and live your dream life?!

#2: The 3 Intentional Swiping Strategies

This is how you show up with the right energy. 

These strategies are the best kept secret that women are using to feel energized when they date and actually enjoy the process…

Plus also match with the right men who align with their values and vision…

#3: Magnetizing vs. Repelling Principles

This is how you embody the right polarity and effortlessly draw the right men towards you…

You see, there are very specific things that either attract or push away high quality men — the kinds you’d actually want to date. 

But because of how modern app based dating is, most women are unknowingly repelling the kinds of men they could actually see a future with. 

When you learn these simple principles and apply them, you’ll become irresistible to high quality men…

By the end of the course, you’ll also know:
  • How to optimize your profile, so you can magnetize the right men (and repel the wrong ones)
  • The 9 red flags you should NEVER ignore on dating apps
  • The 7 messages to get AND keep a high value man’s attention
  • The mindset that will help you meet great men using the apps, so you can find your forever man
  • The 3 proven intentional swiping strategies that will help you eliminate dating app fatigue & burnout
  • Effective communication strategies to progress the dynamic towards a date and commitment + how to handle things when you feel triggered

It’s time to match with your forever man and get into a real, lasting relationship!

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“After going through The Successful Swipe, I realized how the way I was communicating on the apps was actually pushing away the kinds of men I wanted to date. Once I shifted my communication, I started having better conversations, which led me to my partner!"


“This is not just some lame course on hacking dating apps, Lee actually goes really deep into the concepts she shares. It completely changed how I view and use dating apps. Now, I feel way less burnt out and am matching with higher quality men.” 


“I was ready to swear dating off and become a nun :p. Thank goodness for this course...when I applied what Lee taught me, I matched with 3 amazing men in one week (one of which is now my boyfriend!)

Meet Your Mentor

Hey, I'm Lee!

I'm a Master Intimacy Coach whose been featured in publications like Women’s Health and has been helping women attract their dream partners and create deeper intimacy for over 8 years. 

My partner and I are the co-founders of Aligned Attraction, a modern relationship school for self-aware women who are ready to attract high quality men and create a sexy, secure relationship (yum)!

Inside our relationship school, we teach women the skills to not only attract high quality men, but how to create healthy, thriving relationships with them.

Many of our students have gone on to attract their forever man (yes, even on dating apps)...

In as little as 3 weeks, simply by applying some of the skills we teach you inside The Successful Swipe...

And are now creating heart-throbbing, soul-expanding love!

As a woman who has used just about every single dating app, I know how frustrating they can feel...

But instead of feeling frustrated, bitter and burnt out...

I want to show you a strategy that will help you match with your forever man ASAP…

Without playing mind games…

And while feeling authentic and fully yourself!

Dating apps are simply a tool -- a way to connect with new people. 

When you know how to make them work for you, they work for you! 

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It’s time to match with your forever man and get into a real, lasting relationship!

$67  $47

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